Home fishing trip – Langstone Harbour

It’s been a while since I had any time or enthusiasm for fishing. After the trip to Norway in May, coming back to the UK and reading about the huge commercial trawlers hoovering up the fish stocks made me question what was the point anymore? But I always kept the spark alive, seeing others getting out and having good catches or simply reporting blanks but still having a go, motivated me.

So last week I hit a Langstone Harbour mark and went back to basics. Starting from low water I fished the slowly flooding weed laced mud flats with big bunches of ragworm on a 4/0 hook. At times this tactic can work for decent bass in the 3 to 6lb range if the smaller schoolies aren’t around and stripping the baits. They were none to be seen this time and it seemed even the crabs were having a day off. Things were looking promising. About an hour into the flood my line went slack. I slowly reeled in and could feel something thumping on the other end. As I reeled in it fought back then dropped the bait. I wasn’t too disappointed, it was early days and there were some decent fish about.


The tide forced me to move to another spot and I waited again for a passing fish. This particular mark has opportunities for the first 3 hours of the flood then it is unlikely to catch anything as the fish have moved on somewhere else in the harbour. At the two and a half hour point my rod tip bent right over and was almost pulled out of its rest. I wound into the fish and it was hooked alright. It didn’t feel massive and I carefully played it in. It was a nice plump 3 pounder.


All those doom and gloom feelings and the memories of disappointing blanks simply vanished and it brought a huge smile to my face. I needed that. Now to get out more, make more of an effort, those fish aren’t going to catch themselves!

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