Two tides – four bass

In the last week of September, I watched the weather closely. Decent tide times (towards the start and the end of the day) were coinciding with some lovely low air pressures. The bass were certain to be feeding and I had the bait to oblige them.

Frozen or fresh mackerel chunk on a circle hook was doing the business. I had some earlier success with squid at this mark but found that the squid attracted lots of smaller fishes attention.

The first high tide was on Wednesday afternoon around 430pm. You can fish the last hour of the flood and the first two hours of the ebb. After that the current is too strong to hold bottom mid-channel and your tackle usually gets washed into snags. The sea was quite rough and turbulent and things were looking promising.

I set two rods up baited as per the picture above on running ledger rigs with 4oz weights. Its a waiting and guessing game once the baits hit the water on how long to leave the baits out. This depends on if the crabs find them and if they also get ripped apart by smaller fish. I found that 30-40 mins usually is the max. Its usually a clean hook after that amount of time. About an hour into the ebb, my rod tip twitched and at first it looked like a small nuisance fish was attacking the bait. Then the tip bent over and line was pulled from the spool, fish on! With circle hooks, the fish almost always hook themselves. I reeled in the slack and began a tussle with what felt like a decent fish. It ran a bit so I gave it line, then applied the pressure and got it into the net. A lovely six and half pounder. My biggest this year and the biggest from this mark. Very happy indeed!

No more fish on that day and I packed up, ready to hit the mark again tomorrow.

The next day high water was around 530pm. The air pressure had dropped some more and rain showers came and went. The sea wasn’t quite as rough but it still had some nice movement to it. I set up exactly as the day before and sent the baits out and waited for the action. Around high water I had a terrific pull down on one of the rods, fish certainly on! As I was reeling this one in, I noticed my other rod bend also and line was being pulled from the spool. Checking there was no danger of the rod being pulled in, I got the first fish ashore.

A nice four pounder.

With that dealt with, I reeled in the line that had paid out and made contact with the second fish. This put up a spirited fight as it made it’s way into the net.

A nice 3 pounder.

There must have been a shoal swimming by. Things went quiet for a bit then I got a lively take. Once I started reeling in I could feel it was a smaller fish, but welcome nonetheless.

About 30cm and it looked like the bait would be a bit of a mouthful for this chap!

It was a great fishing session. Especially as it would be the last one for a few weeks due to work commitments. I’m hoping there will still be some fish around when I get back.

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